Robert’s Newsletter, 12/03/21

collected from rambling across the internet and my bookshelves.


PIXAR Deep history, here’s the story of the guy the guys who ran Pixar looked up to, in Wired.


@0 This is a cool new ambient compilation done by the guys that run Ninja Tune. @0 comp on BandcampAnd on Apple Music Includes a “mix cd” version by chill-out room king Mixmaster Morris. This is a spiritual successor to the NTONE sub-label comp from back in ’95  Earthrise.Ntone.1; that one is out of print and not on any streaming services but CDs are cheap, it’s not rare.

Tad You remember Nirvana, you remember Soundgarden…but do you remember TAD? (Yes, I know you do.) Here’s a fun excerpt from what looks like it will be a great book about “heavy music.”

lofiatc If you want something that is free and different every single time you listen, here is a mix of low-fi hip-hop mixed with live air traffic control radio. We’ll start with EWR

Nirvana There is always more about Nirvana. Longtime Nirvana Sound Engineer Craig Montgomery Shares Stories About the Band: There Was Lots of Laughing. Those Guys Were Hilarious – American Songwriter


Fractional Orbital Bombardment System What? You wanted to read about actual space weapons devised by the USSR during the 70s? Here is a PDF of a research journal called “QUEST QUARTERLY” from 21 years ago that dug in deep on that as the archives finally opened. 


Verizon is running the deal where you can trade in basically anything and get $650 off a new iPhone 13/13 Pro so if you have anything that needs upgrading it’s a good time to do it again. 



ALL THE SHAH’S MEN If you feel like you want to get a better idea of why Iran is the way it is today, this is a great place to start. Written in 2008, this is a very readable history of Iran, with a focus on the early and mid 20th century. The U.K. completely screwed them over. We didn’t help a lot either. All the Shah’s Men by Stephen Kinzer


TEMPORARY This was the best book I have read about what it’s like to work today. It’s funny, surreal, and really gets to the sense many of us have of being kept perpetually outside of the throne room. Temporary by Hilary Leichter


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