Iron Chef Eats

This is the first segment I cut for for “Iron Chef Eats”; it went through a number of revisions as I learned the grammar of food tv editing but I think it turned out OK, and I like some of the music we used.

Friday Night Tykes: Drive, Driving Range

This is a scene from Friday Night Tykes that I cut. It’s an introspective moment with one of the coaches which starts off feeling kind of silly and then takes a sharp turn along the way. I really liked it because it was somewhat unexpected for the subject to come up with such a serious story from his life, given how brash and macho he is otherwise.

Friday Night Tykes: Big Cory, Little Cory

This is a scene I cut from Friday Night Tykes. It shows some great banter between a kid and his dad, a coach for the Venom. It’s a slice of life, but does a good job of showing how sport can be used to organize and improve lives, without being preachy about it.

Dog The Bounty Hunter

Episode title: “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?”
I edited this episode of DOG for Hybrid Films. Classic “Dog” storytelling, a mix of walkie traffic and OTFs. 3 camera coverage, run and gun…This sequence includes Dog and Beth splitting into separate teams, some cross cutting between locations. The full show is available from iTunes here.

Call of the Wildman – American Chomper

This segment, that I edited, is 100% accurate and true. I liked this because it shows Neil and “Turtleman” having a good time with the call. I still get a few chuckles out of watching this one.

90 Day Fiancé S1 – Aziza is getting married…or is she?

I did some work on the later parts of Mike & Aziza’s storyline. In particular I helped rework the lead up to the wedding to maintain a sense that Aziza was still having seconds thoughts. This was a reality show for sure, but a lot of it was shot like a real doc, and I think viewers could tell. People loved this show when the first season aired.

Bad Ink – Vanessa

Dirk and his sidekick Ruckus meet a new client, Vanessa. The drive over is kind of funny. I edited this.