David Cay Johnston on the Trump Fraud Trial

This interview segment was one of our quick turnarounds – recorded, edited and delivered for broadcast within hours. Pulitzer Prize winner David Cay Johnston has been following Trump journalistically for many years, and provided a great detailed overview of the significance of this particular trial for the former president.

Ukraine coverage – Carole Cadwalladr

An expert on disinformation; Carole Cadwalladr broke the Cambridge Analytica scandal as a reporter for The Guardian.

Later, Carole tweeted that this was the first time anyone had asked her about Russian involvement in Brexit!

Interview recorded / edited / broadcast Friday, March 11, 2022.

Ukraine Coverage: Bill Browder

After uncovering corruption within Russian businesses, Bill Browder had to flee Russia for his own safety. Since then, he’s been adamant about the risks to the world order that Putin represents. Recorded and broadcast on February 28, 2022.

Ukraine Coverage: Masha Gessen

Amanpour & Company has landed some extremely informative interviews during the Ukraine crisis. Here’s one of them, New Yorker writer Masha Gessen, from the day before Putin launched his invasion.

Robert’s Newsletter, 12/03/21

collected from rambling across the internet and my bookshelves.


PIXAR Deep history, here’s the story of the guy the guys who ran Pixar looked up to, in Wired.


@0 This is a cool new ambient compilation done by the guys that run Ninja Tune. @0 comp on BandcampAnd on Apple Music Includes a “mix cd” version by chill-out room king Mixmaster Morris. This is a spiritual successor to the NTONE sub-label comp from back in ’95  Earthrise.Ntone.1; that one is out of print and not on any streaming services but CDs are cheap, it’s not rare.

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Time marches on…

…and my WordPress theme has shuffled off this mortal coil. While I get the new one built out, this site is available in a kind of skeleton form. If you want to get in touch drop me a line at robert . salsbury @ gmail.com. Just remove the spaces. Thanks for dropping by!

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IFC has compiled a list of “films centering on Black experiences that have been made available to stream for free…”. So many amazing films in this list!

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