Friday Night Tykes: Drive, Driving Range

This is a scene from Friday Night Tykes that I cut. It’s an introspective moment with one of the coaches which starts off feeling kind of silly and then takes a sharp turn along the way. I really liked it because it was somewhat unexpected for the subject to come up with such a serious story from his life, given how brash and macho he is otherwise.

From the Boarding House to the Board Room

This documentary was commissioned by the Institute for Women’s Leadership, at Rutgers University. The school had its 250th anniversary and made a film to celebrate, but the IWL wanted another perspective on the history of the university. Director June Cross and I dove in again, and came up with a film that explores the ways women created, maintained and grew their own spaces, using Rutgers as a base to make real change around the world.

Diana: Behind Closed Doors

This is act 7 of a show for the REELZ network that I edited at Peacock Productions.  Three other editors and I created this 2 hour special in a month; we each handled 2 acts. It turned out better than we expected, to be honest. Act 7 covers the time period immediately following the tragic car accident, through Diana’s funeral. I got to use a lot of very sad music for this, decent orchestral score stuff that doesn’t seem to fit very often.