Unwanted in America, for Dan Rather Presents

Part of a documentary I co-edited for Dan Rather Presents, about international adoptions gone wrong, and the unintended consequences when adoptive parents feel they’ve taken on something they can’t handle. This except shows a couple of tearful re-unions when adoptees are put into contact with their parents in their home countries by the filmmakers.

90 Day Fiancé S1 – Aziza is getting married…or is she?

I did some work on the later parts of Mike & Aziza’s storyline. In particular I helped rework the lead up to the wedding to maintain a sense that Aziza was still having seconds thoughts. This was a reality show for sure, but a lot of it was shot like a real doc, and I think viewers could tell. People loved this show when the first season aired.

Bad Ink – Vanessa

Dirk and his sidekick Ruckus meet a new client, Vanessa. The drive over is kind of funny. I edited this.