Time warp.

I accidentally typed an old url into Safari while trying to get to my Google Reader (thank you, autocomplete!)…and was treated to a page on Apple’s site that hasn’t ¬†been updated since the original iPhone was released:

This is how things used to be.

The Crow.

The Crow, treatment 3

There’s been an old crow hanging around the park for a few days. He’s real still, and doesn’t seem to care too much about….well, anything.


Using the iPad for video post: OmniFocus

20110703-083000.jpg Since I got my iPad last year, I’ve been using it extensively to help me edit the projects I’ve cut. Along the way, I’ve found some great tools to help keep an edit (and an editor!) organized, so here’s a first blog entry attempting to describe one of them. I’ll just address a single app in each post, with an eye to giving each application it’s due, and keeping the task manageable for myself as well.



This is where I do most of my organizing. It’s a “to do” type of application, which is insanely powerful and flexible. I used it for about 4 months on the desktop just to keep some lists before I stumbled into the “perspectives” functions, which promptly blew my mind and made the software indispensable rather than something I’d read was pretty good.